1. Keeping Your House Clean With Pets

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  2. Rooms That Get the Most Attention

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  3. Home Staging Tips

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  4. Is it Time to Move?

    Deciding to move is a judgment that you have to make in life, and the consequences of the move can be life changing. The trick is to make sure that the changes it brings are overwhelmingly good, for a…Read More

  5. House Hunting is a lot Like Dating 2 of 2

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  6. House Hunting is a lot Like Dating 1 of 2

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  7. Popular Must-Have Amenities

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  8. Avoid Move-In Shock!

    When you are looking for a professional partner to help you find your dream home, or sell your current, home, be sure to turn to the top team in the Lafayette area. We serve the entire Acadiana area, …Read More